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Since its inception, YouTube has been an extremely potent tool for advertisers. Over the years, marketing on YouTube has become more and more complex, but luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can get around the difficulty curve. Adam Lyons speaks with Daniel Rose, one of the founders of the massively successful Six Pack Shortcuts program. Adam and Daniel discuss what systems you can implement in order to make sure people are seeing, consuming, and eventually clicking on your ad on YouTube. Marketing on YouTube can be easy—if you know how to let the system work for you!

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Making Your YouTube Audience Click Through With Daniel Rose

We’re talking to Daniel Rose, one of the Founders of Six Pack Shortcuts. Daniel, you guys are the number one fitness channel on YouTube, right? Are you still?

I believe there’s a few bigger. There are a few yoga channels that are big, but for a long time, we were the biggest fitness channel.

It’s absolutely incredible. I was blessed because I got to see the origin of it right from the beginning when you first started and then you’ve sold it a little while back, if I remember correctly, right?

That’s exactly right.

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Obviously, what we want to talk to you about is YouTube and your angle on YouTube, which is a little bit different to everybody else’s because we’ve had on some other YouTube experts in the past and it’s a lot more about the organic creation. One of the things that you guys did with Six Pack was you actually scaled the YouTube via advertising, right?

Exactly. That was our specialty. We focused a lot on the advertising and the marketing side. We did some stuff on the organic side, but it’s all supportive by marketing.

Dan, let’s imagine we’ve got somebody sitting and reading this and they’re like, “I don’t know what Six Pack Shortcuts is. I don’t know how it works.” Why don’t you give us a little bit of a background about you and your story in Six Pack?

Back in 2010, I was struggling at the time. I was a little bit involved in the dating advice industry. I’d written a book about sex a while back. I was having some disagreements with those partners. I decided to start a business on the side with my friend who was a trainer. Basically, what we did to start off with this is we made videos. We put them on YouTube, and we started seeing a few sales. What we were selling was a course on how a man can get six-pack abs? How a man could all lose belly fat and get in shape? We tried putting a few organic videos up. We’ve got a few sales from that.

PHP 19 | Marketing On YouTube
Marketing On YouTube: The first thing you do if you don’t have anything on your channel, just start by making a few simple organic content videos.


When things started really taking off is when we started advertising. We started advertising way back before Google had even fully taken over the YouTube advertising interface. We were able to blow it up. We started with that course, teach men how to get six-pack abs. We later moved into supplements. The main product later became a greens powder. We also have apple cider vinegar, testosterone boosters and a bunch of other things. By the time I left, there were a bunch of different digital product lines, a bunch of different supplement lines and it became a big company.

Somebody’s reading and they’re like, “I want to create in YouTube and I want to use advertising.” Where does somebody even start? If someone who’s going to start right from the beginning?

I would say the very first thing to do if you don’t have anything up on your channel at all is to start by making a few simple organic content videos. Get a few things up on your channel just so it’s not a completely empty channel and people know that you’re legit. The next thing that I would do is learn how to script a good ad. A lot of people go on there and they’re trying to advertise a video, which isn’t optimal for an ad. What I would say is learn how to catch somebody’s attention in the first five seconds and learn the structure of a good commercial. I would write a few commercials and then get started with advertising your first commercial.

In terms of scripting that first commercial, is there a format to follow or a book somebody can read that can give them an idea? It shouldn’t be 15 seconds, 30 seconds. What should we be looking at to do?

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Obviously, any copywriting course or marketing course is going to help with your YouTube copywriting as well. There are a few very important things that are different. The most important thing that’s different that I see a lot of people messing up, even experienced copywriters on YouTube, is what I call the skip stopper. As you know, as most people reading this will know, most of the advertising on YouTube escapable what’s called in-screen advertising. That means that your ad shows up before the viewer’s video that they wanted to watch and they’re interrupted by it. They have the option to skip your ad after five seconds. Studies have shown that about 90% of these ads are skipped and it has to be this way. We can’t spend our time watching every ad. We can only watch a few that really speak to us and which we think we might be interested in.

What most people don’t realize is that you’ve got to catch your prospect’s attention in the first five seconds or else everything after that is not going to matter. If somebody skips the ad, you could have the most brilliant call to action, the most brilliant sales funnel. It’s like it’s not even there because the prospect will never see it. I would say that’s the first thing. Think about those first five seconds of the ad. Micro analyze it and get up perfect. It’s five seconds to catch people’s attention.

If I was going to ask you for an example of a perfect skip stopper that you guys came up with, what would it be?

There are a variety of different things. There are a couple of different things that we did that worked well, here’s a super simple one. We sold a product to men over 40 called Abs After 40. If you’re 40, you’ve probably seen this ad where the ad starts off where there are two good looking older women that are in their early 40s, and they walked out in bikinis. It starts with that shot so your attention is grabbed right away. After that, it transitions to a frumpy-looking old guy who’s trying to get their attention and he’s getting ignored. It got your attention but then it transitioned. It’s relating to how the prospect feels.

PHP 19 | Marketing On YouTube
Marketing On YouTube: No baseball player’s going to hit a home run every time, but eventually, it’s inevitable for you to get more home runs.


The frumpy old guy was actually Mark Mcilyar who was our trainer for the product at the time. He rips off his shirt and jumps in the pool and you can see that he’s in incredible shape. He’s got ripped six-pack abs. He’s I believe 56 and in fitness model shape. You can see the woman’s reaction to him is totally different. Of course, this was done with the higher spokespeople and it was acted out, but it let people visualize the reactions, the difference in how they’ll be treated once they got in shape like Mark. That’s one example and there are many different ways you can do this. The content can be a good skip stopper, a very specific statement that you’re talking to a specific person. There are many different ways, but that gives you an idea of how you need to catch attention.

Obviously, I’ve had some unique insights into this because I was helping out with Six Pack back in the day, but if you give some insight for the audience, how many ads would you run? How many would you start with? You would split tests and maybe you could talk a little bit about that as well.

This is something that a lot of people don’t know. We will be producing around 10 to 15 new ads per month at Six Pack once we had the full team of copywriters and video editors built out. That was a really unrecognized reason for our success because we had some good ideas. My copywriter, he’s got great ideas. The people in the video editing team did a great job. Everybody was doing a good job with the commercials, but there was a lot that we were making that didn’t work. Probably about 8 out of 10 would not work on a huge scale. One of the biggest reasons why I think we got so many huge-scale hits is that we simply produce more high-quality commercials. We had more at that. It’s like a baseball player. No baseball player is going to hit a home run every time, but if you give yourself more at bats, eventually it’s inevitable that you get some home runs. That’s one part of it. First, you have to produce enough creative so that way, you can achieve large-scale success. The other part of it is that most people don’t really know how to split test their ads on YouTube. Most people, what they do is either split test on view rate or they split test on sales or they have one single metric that they split test based on. I developed something called the Three Level Split Testing System.

I’m about to release a book on YouTube marketing soon and I talk in detail about this, but in a nutshell, the three-level split tests and system is when you have a lot of data, when you have enough data to split test based on the ROI and the sales, then you split test based on the ROI. Many times, you’re not going to have an updated test based on sales. In that case, I would split test based on cost per lead. If you set your funnel up or your eCommerce store up the right way, this will have a strong correlation with sales and it can enable you to make meaningful improvements to your campaigns when you spent $30 or $40. We would also even do an additional level of split testing beyond that. For the smallest campaigns, I call it Cost Per Click Split Testing. On YouTube, when somebody used your app that’s counting as a view and when somebody responds to your ad and clicks on the call to action, then that’s what’s ultimately counted as a click. The clicker is it’s not something that everybody who sees the ad will do, only a small percentage will click through. Your cost per click can also be a good way to make improvements if you only have a little bit of data and it’s a small campaign. That’s the key here. Make it a good amount of creative and have a good system for split testing it.

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A lot of people find the YouTube ad interface intimidating. Are there any tools or tutorials you recommend to help people get through that?

What I would say is there’s some course on Google Ads, but I really haven’t seen very many courses out there on YouTube ads. A general knowledge of Google Ads will help you. The real thing that’s going to make things simple is that people see somebody like myself or an expert, somebody that you might’ve had on the show. We’re talking about all these crazy Ninja tactics and it overwhelms people. They don’t realize that they could actually start super simple and then scale things off from there. For example, with remarketing campaigns, there are lots of advanced remarketing tactics I talk about that might intimidate people. Even if you start off with showing ads to anybody who’s gone to your website in the past 30 days, place a simple little piece of code on your site. It shows ads to anyone who’s been to your site, any page at all in the last 30 days, you can get started with that. There are simple ways that you can get started. Get started with a very small, simple campaign where you’re spending maybe $100 a month to look at this as a learning experience and do that for a few months. Over time you’re going to pick up the advanced features.

This is something we talk about a lot when it comes to business, is reminding people that it often pays to put your finger in and do it for a while until it becomes so easy that then you can level up and go bigger than that. I remember it’s actually the same with me with investing in buying stocks. I was talking about this with my girlfriend. I started out years ago buying a couple of stocks because it’s like, “How does the process work?” I wasn’t trying to be some big shot investor. I was like, “I’ll just play with this.” It’s a point where I buy them all the time. I’m ten years into doing this, I’m somewhat knowledgeable about what I’m buying and when I’m doing it and I see a pretty good return on my investment. It’s something that everybody should be doing.

That’s a great analogy. I think too, a lot of people that are struggling to get started they’re learning a lot of stuff. They’re listening to a lot of podcasts, but if you’re not even spending anything on Google Ads or spending anything and not implementing it right away, it’s hard to retain. Doing a tiny bit of implementation along with the learning will really help people out.

PHP 19 | Marketing On YouTube
Marketing On YouTube: The biggest thing about YouTube marketing goes back to making sure you brainstorm a large amount of skip-stoppers.


I’m going to want to ask you for a psychological hack, but before we get that, if you were going to share something with people about YouTube, if there was a lesson or something that you felt that should be shared, what would that be?

The biggest thing that I’ve learned about YouTube marketing, I would say it goes back to what I was talking about before. It’s the skip stopper and this is the point that I really want to emphasize. A lot of people, I see them start off the ads and they have a mentality they’re writing a sales video and that’s not bad for a sales video, but a lot of times, the hook will take 10, 15 or 20 seconds to develop and that’s not good enough for YouTube. For YouTube, what I would say is to brainstorm a large amount of skip stoppers, maybe 15, 20 or 25 different ones and put as much time into the first five seconds of the ad as you put into the rest of the ad combined. That’s how important it is.

In order to get these great skip stoppers, the process that we would go through is that my copywriting team and I, we will brainstorm maybe 30 or 40 different skip stoppers. We would go through and we would select maybe the ten best ones out of those. We’re creating large amount of ideas and creating the ten best ones out of those. Out of those ten that we created, we might get 1 or 2 huge hits that would get tens of millions of views. That’s probably the single biggest thing that people could do to make their YouTube advertising better. Don’t just write whatever you think is good in the first five seconds of the ad, brainstorm a huge amount of skip stoppers and refine it to the best ideas. That’s really how you’re going to get the gold.

If somebody is interested in maybe getting your book or learning more about what you do, where’s the best place to find you?

It’s SocialResponseMarketing.com. You can preorder the book there. I’m going to send everybody who pre-orders a free hardcover copy, but you can check me out there. I’m going to be starting a YouTube channel soon.

Dan, thank you so much. Before we finish, what’s your big psychological hack that you can leave people with?

This is one that you actually originally taught me years ago and which was tremendously helpful in my YouTube marketing career. It’s something that I don’t think a lot of people know. I wanted to reemphasize this to your viewers. It’s the idea of social proof. This is a very common idea in the social influence and dating advice community. Everybody knows in dating advice, if you’re the man that has other women wanting you, then that’s going to create a situation where the other women are going to watch you because of that social proof. The same thing goes if you’re a woman that’s very desired by men. Other men are going to see that and they’re going to imitate that behavior. What I’ve realized is that we think that we make our own decisions as humans, but we’re like monkeys. We’re like primates that imitate others instinctively. That’s a very powerful human behavior.

How this applies to YouTube marketing is if you can build a popular channel, if you can get millions of views on your ad and get tons of subscribers, that in turn is going to be a very powerful selling point. You can say, “I’m the number one most subscribed dating coach,” or psychology hacker or whatever it is that you might be. That itself is going to perpetuate your success. I would say social proof can be very powerful and don’t underestimate the value of that asset of your YouTube subscribers. They’re constantly social proofing all your ads and making them all work better.

There you have it. This is obviously incredible. Dan is a close personal friend of mine. I got to work with him on Six Pack Shortcuts. Dan, I’m looking forward to seeing all the great things you do in the future. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in to Psychology Hacker Podcast.

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